Forest Lodge

Boathouse/Gatehouse/Guesthouse Renovations

PDSI was selected to do mulitple phases of renovation work at the Forest Lodge property in Cable, WI.

For the first phase the exterior was replaced with new cedar siding, new gutters, along with site work. The interior work included upgrading electrical and HVAC along with drywall, new flooring, chandelier upgrades, drywall and well drilling. Additionally PDSI replaced the foundation for a exsisting Boathouse that was floated on Lake Nemakogoan while the work was completed.

The second phase included ugrading addtional buildings with the above scope of work along with following onsite  SHIPO regulations.

Design / Build Renovation

Historic Renovations

As a full service General Contractor, we have our own in house experienced carpentry staff used to perform rough carpentry, painting, millwork, drywall and cabinetry. Below are examples of completed projects we’ve worked on and examples of just some of the many services we provide.

Our Services

Design / Build New Construction


BARRACK HOUSING w/ Blast Rated Windows & Exterior

Wall System, Fort Belvoir Department of Public Work


PDSI was selected as the design-build contractor for the 34,000 square foot removal and replace of Barrack 2109 & 2111 Exterior Masonry Walls. The exterior skin and windows were removed and replaced due to moisture
issues within the building. Also included in the scope of work was a new EIFS system with a full water management system and the installation of blast-rated windows along with interior renovations to the units. Upon removal of the building exterior system, it was discovered that additional structural modification was required to maintain the project integrity.

The project was completed 30 days ahead of the final schedule, within budget. 

Repair and Refurbishment of USCC Bristol Bay – Pier: Detroit, MI, SCG-Cleveland Engineering Division

PDSI was selected as the General Contractor for the repair and refurbishment of the USCGC Bristol Bay Pier in Detroit, MI. This project consisted of a three step process to complete the work. From testing and inspecting the existing pier for the structural integrity to establishing the total impacted area of surface concrete and concrete beam removal. Once established removal and replacement of all impacted areas with new rebar, decking, and formed concrete. There was then removal of existing wood pilings that had failed or were no longer associated with the support of the pier. Lastly the installation of 35 – 124’-0” concrete piles, and connection to the pier deck by building, forming and pouring new concrete beams.


PDS MICCO JV2 was selected as the Prime Contractor for the 17,000 square feet VA Ambulatory Care Expansion Project. The project consisted of two mirror image expansions on each side of the existing functional building. Each expansion was approximately 7000 sf; they consisted of exam rooms and medical support spaces. In addition, approximately 3000 sf of space in the existing building will be renovated. This project included major relocation of the steam, electrical and water utility services. This project is located in a fully developed and occupied VA campus.